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I'm a penguin in pregnancy

The first pregnancy in 2017 was planned. I almost got pregnant the first time. Until then, we had never even tried to have a baby.

I read a little, researched a little, what when and how, and for a couple of months I tracked my fertile days.

In my case, they were obvious, pain in the stomach like before menstruation, pain in the lower back or in the crotch, and when ovulation is at that moment, white mucus comes out. As I read, that’s how I felt.

That April, before the fertile days, we didn’t pay attention, and on the day when I ovulated, I somehow felt that this was it. But… don’t lie down. As I was working at school, I was active and I didn’t really pay attention in physical education classes – I bled.

In fact, I was inexperienced and thought I had bled and that was it, there was nothing wrong with pregnancy. And so I tell Nemanja that there is nothing with the baby, we will try again next month.

By the way, we weren’t married and we hadn’t started living together yet since I was working, and we were separated by about 120 km, but we definitely planned to get married in 2017, so I’d like to take advantage of it to go on maternity leave when we finish the school year.

Well, back to the point. I let him know that the baby is fine, he got a little tired, but like ok. However, the devil didn’t give me peace, I read about implantation or spot bleeding and I want to do the test. But not to tell anyone.

I literally did not sleep that night. I got up at 5, took the test and went back to bed, started shaking with excitement. I crouched, turned, rolled over and decided to get up to see. I look and I can’t believe it, sometimes another line appears, but it’s there.

I start shaking and jumping with happiness. I scream but to myself, so as not to excite dad.

I take a picture of the test and send Nemanja „Good morning dad.“

And I’ll make an appointment with the gynecologist right away. I had to go first because my doctor was not working. I go, I say what and how, but she says that it is a very small pregnancy, but as if she is there, maybe she can see something.

I lie down, oops, pregnancy. Small, but it’s there. My little pea, as I called Lara from day one. And my little pea turns 4 years old in 6 days.

The doctor gave me utrogestan, to be sure of that bleeding, and I also had a hematoma, not near the fetus, but it was there.

My dear women, don’t read any nonsense on the forums. I read all kinds of things and only feared the worst. And he withdrew himself, he didn’t harm anyone.

And so I go to the health center. Nothing from the controls. Only blood and urine once a month, and in the third month he sent me to an expert, privately of course. I didn’t have a single UZ during 8 months.

I didn’t have any symptoms either, as if I wasn’t pregnant.

I was a bit furious and angry, how could another state be possible, but nothing for me. That’s why the second pregnancy replaced all that, but about her with another story.

And so I pushed for 8 months as if I wasn’t pregnant. I didn’t even have a stomach until the 6th month. At 7, I jumped out, Nemanja teased me that I was like a worm that swallowed a cherry (Nemanja is my snail and the father of my small children).

I was just kind of „disappointed“ that I was pregnant and no one could see it. And yes, the breasts were also 3 sizes bigger.

In the 7th month, we decided to go for a private check-up, just to make sure everything was fine. When we left, the doctor said that the baby was shaggy, had very long hair and asked us if we knew the sex, when we said we didn’t know, and that I felt it was a girl, I only got an affirmative answer.

And so the two of us make it to the 9th month without a single symptom, and we go for CTG. First CTG and panic. The doctor says the baby is not getting enough oxygen.

I didn’t know then what I know now, that he only wanted to detach me and transfer me to the Front.

Because I decided to give birth there. Basically, it didn’t matter to me which maternity hospital, as long as it was Bg because it was closer to me than going to Sremska Mitrovica or Novi Sad.

Although I said before, I will give birth everywhere only in Gd, I will not. When that Bg and Front.

So he gave me an urgent referral to the Front so that they could control me there.

Saturday was when I left. Of course, they told me that what he said has no basis because it can’t be seen on the CTG, and I didn’t even have an ultrasound.

Nothing, they accepted me there, opened the case and for the whole 9th month I went to Ftont for check-ups.

I went once a week for CTG and ultrasound. They would leave at 6 in the morning so that I could get to the line around 10-11, because there are not crowds, but crowds there.

Of course, before this pandemic, there were crowds, which we forgot about in the last 2 years. And so in the 9th month they let me do an OGTT test, because of course my doctor didn’t do any analysis. Not a double test or anything, for God’s sake.

Lucky for me, my pregnancy was normal.

I had no connection at the Front, neither a doctor, nor a midwife, nor a cleaner. And that is my biggest mistake. I will also write about that, why and for what.

Well, I did an OGTT test, they put me on a diet, because believe it or not I gained 18 kg and my amniotic fluid was at 200. I will write about it as well.

How was my appointment on 12/31/2017 I just prayed to God to be home for the New Year’s Eve, why I don’t know, because I was definitely in bed.

The only thing I was afraid of was not recognizing the contractions. As I was at the control on 24.12. In 2017, the doctor told me that everything is calm, that there are no indications that she will give birth soon. To go home and come back on 01.01.2018. to control.

That’s right… But about that in the next post… because this one really took too long…

Until the next reading…

Baby L in the stomach
The three of us

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