My second pregnancy 

Secound pregnancy

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The second pregnancy was planned, but I deliberated for a long time with myself whether to do it or not.

First, I had the feeling that I wasn’t ready, that Lara was small, that I was somehow betraying her, that I wouldn’t have enough time for her, and she was the center of my universe until then.

And what I was most afraid of and what I most often wondered about how I would love another baby (now it’s funny to me), but then…

Although in all that fussing and discussing yes or no, I didn’t win because Lara was sucking.

And Nemanja and I wanted to get pregnant mainly because of my seniority, because I was registered at school.

And I said, if I need to get pregnant, I’ll get it and we’ll try, so if it „gets stuck“ it’s stuck.


Now that I’m going into details, we only had one successful attempt, ie one month. My contract expired on December 3, 2018, and I found out that I was pregnant on December 27, 2018.


Well, since I had that deadline of 30 days to submit the documentation, I was rushing I don’t know where to go.


I did a test and went to the health center, luckily the doctor was ok and gave me a confirmation that I was pregnant based only on the home test and the test, but nothing was visible because it was very early.

And so the school accepted the confirmation and extended my contract.

As soon as I found out about the pregnancy, of course I ordered the Pregnancy Diary, because Lara had the same one. There is a special post about him, because he deserves it.

Lara listens to her brother

Unlike my first pregnancy which I enjoyed, this first 3 months were horrible.

First, I had nausea for 24 hours and dizziness, my head was like a drum, and little Lara just turned one (she needs me).

Those three months were spent in bed, which would be to say to God the soul, God will not. And now I was angry that I had all the symptoms, and I didn’t need them.

Totally different pregnancy than the first.

From the very beginning, I felt from the progress of the pregnancy that it was a boy.

Even with Lara, I had the feeling at the start that she was a girl.

I have a sixth sense about these things.

Of course, the most important thing is that it is alive and healthy, but let’s not lie to ourselves, we all think about the sex of the baby, we’re just pretending to be nice.

As I knew that I was not going to give birth in Smederevska Palanka, because the conditions are horrible to say the least, and they don’t have an epidural, I started looking for a doctor who works in the Front and who will manage my pregnancy.

Now many may say that I am spoiled and capricious, but I just wanted to enjoy my pregnancy, as well as the birth itself.

Because we don’t give birth 20 times in our life, it’s only a couple of times and it should be a well-remembered period.

At least I think so.

If only I knew then that I could find a doula, so God bless me. I will also talk about doulas in one of the posts.

Most people don’t know who they are and what they are, neither do I and now the only thing I regret is that I didn’t have one, but… you never know…

Just kidding mom, I know you are reading this…

But… let’s get back to the topic..

pregnancy is not easy with one small child

For a long time, I researched on the forums, I googled, I asked around, and Dr. Aničić and Dr. Ristić (my professor) made it to the short list.

And I decided on him by digging up his practice @ginekoloska_ordinacija_gala and saw that Dr. Aničić was also in his team, there was no doubt, I decided to call and make an appointment, I was 12 weeks at the time.

The first review was in February 2019 and since then I have not changed them and I recommend them to everyone because they are truly No1.

The doctor is open to all kinds of questions and sub-questions and to any type of agreement.

I got candida in the 4th month, but I only used tantum rosa and vaginalette and I got rid of it quickly and it didn’t come back.

I got an ear infection at the beginning of my pregnancy and was given Panclav to drink. It is a strong antibiotic and can be used by pregnant women, but it is 99% responsible for that candida.

And if I used vaginal pills with him at the time so that I wouldn’t get it, it appeared a little later.

And I read that she is very annoying and that she keeps coming back.

I only had it then and knock on wood (head) never again.

Nemanja and Lara were at my every check-up, and we found out the sex there in the 16th week.

The gentleman in the belly spread out on the „ifs“ to show what he was.

 I know when the dr told me it was a boy I just said „I knew it“.

And I wondered what I would do with the boy, somehow even if I felt that he was a boy, I saw myself as the mother of a girl, and if a man asked me now why, I wouldn’t know how to give an answer.

And to my question: „And what am I going to do with the boy“, my doctor just said: „Well, if you love him, what else“ and he always had good remarks and quips to say them at the right time.

I swallowed a watermelon lol just kidding it's pragnacy 😉

And that’s how the pregnancy progressed, I didn’t even feel it after the 3rd month, I had Lara and responsibilities around her, so I didn’t read on Bebac every week what was waiting for me and how it was going like with her, I was expecting everything. And I’m not in the third grade.

I only gained 8 kg.

I struggled with excess amniotic fluid during my second pregnancy as well.

This was followed by a „diet“, that is, a hygienic dietary regime, which, to be honest, was not difficult for me because I like everything integral.

I just had a hard time not eating strawberries and watermelons and potatoes. But it lasted.

The only thing that bothered me occasionally was contractions because I was acting like I wasn’t pregnant, I would take it and make the whole house angry at once.


So the Lion fidgeted inside, the contractions started, I went to bed, calmed down and passed out a couple of times.

And the doctor said to calm down, that the boyfriend is advanced and not to provoke him.

And so I 07.08. I schedule an examination and the first ctg, then I was 37 weeks.

Since the examination was scheduled for the afternoon, we went to India to visit my mom for her birthday to surprise her.

On the way back, we went to @ginekoloska_ordinacija_gala for an examination, I on ctg, he’s calm, no contractions.

At the doctor’s check-up, when that surprise, he says: „You have to come tomorrow, you have 4 fingers open“, if someone could have taken a picture of my face then I think I would have collapsed with laughter.

I think he’s making fun of me, so I’m not ready to go to the maternity hospital yet.

The doctor says: „Go home, drink Benzedin, get some sleep and rest, you will need strength for tomorrow.“ Well, come around 1 to the Front and meet your son.“(Front is a maternity hospital)

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Here’s a joke out of nowhere.. My mom was in the front in the waiting room. God himself said to go with us.

Otherwise, it was planned to come before the birth, but at the end of August, not the beginning.

But…fate or whatever, it is with us…

In the meantime, the nurse told her that tomorrow she would become a grandmother for the second time, I think she would have fainted too, it was just a shame. 😀

Oh, and if I know what awaits me, I’m shocked. I just entered the 9th month. I didn’t think it would be so early.

Nothing, let’s go home, tell everyone what awaits us tomorrow, I drink Benzedin and go to bed.

I’m sorry, of course.

I slept in my mother-in-law’s bed and ended up in the emergency room. Out of shock or happiness, he mostly took Nemanja to the emergency room. And I neither heard nor saw anything, he could have taken me too, I wouldn’t know.

The next day I get up around 7 o’clock, drink coffee, take a shower, do my hair, get a pedicure.

She was with Lara to the maximum. I put her to sleep and around 12 we head to Bg.

It’s 300 degrees outside, I stop by to buy plasma and water, because I know from my previous stay at the Front that I’ll need it, and on the way I also buy an ice cream, a big one, the biggest, I think I’ll sweeten myself up in time.

There is chaos in the way. And if I know where I’m going and why I’m going, it’s not all the same.

I laugh, but I would cry. Actually, I don’t know what to do, everything is mixed up.

We arrive at the Front around 1 p.m., we call Dr. and… Continuation in the next post about reception and childbirth.

My girl

All in all, the second pregnancy was quite different from the first one, in terms of nausea, luckily it only lasted 3 months, otherwise I would have passed out.

And she flew by before I even turned around. Because I had obligations around Lara, she was small and everything was subordinate to her. So every photo I have of my stomach is there too. That’s how it goes.

In my first pregnancy, I only took pictures of myself from every angle, and now only when I lie down like a bear next to Lara or alone, she gets attracted. 😀

She knew that her brother was inside, so she strummed him often, poked him to see if he would give her back, and sometimes even petted him.

Unlike her, he didn’t drum as much on his stomach. He did show up and stretch me like a piece of gum, but he didn’t break my ribs like Lara did.

I also carried him high, in fact all three pregnancies I carried high and had a pointed belly.

So I didn’t have those grandmotherly stories about a round belly being a man, a pointed belly being a woman, if it’s short then it’s a man, if it’s tall then it’s a woman or whatever it may be.

All three pregnancies I have had a spiky belly and all three high…

With me, only the doca at UZ could tell the gender, no grandmother’s stories and customs 😀

And I had regular check-ups every 4 weeks. Because I had the right doctor.

I used PreMama duo, Utrogestan until the 6th month, Aleract until the 9th month, and I did all possible analyses.

Double, OGTT, swabs, blood and urine tests are obligatory every month.

All in all a not so difficult pregnancy.. We pushed through successfully to 37 weeks…

Until the next reading…

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