Third pregnancy during the corona pandemic

It all started like this... with a sudden pregnancy

There were already 5 of us here in the photo without even knowing it..

Preparing for Leo’s 1st birthday in the age of corona (stress called pregnancy).


Painting the whole house with 2 small children (stress aka pregnancy).

Lara starts kindergarten (the biggest stress in the world called pregnancy, parents whose child has passed understand this).


My period is late…


It is understood that all this is due to the stress mentioned above. Because how on earth could I be pregnant when we didn’t plan and of course „take care“. I had big plans to start working, I wanted school and children, and to get out of the comfort zone I’ve been in since 2017. But God has other plans for me… I’m staying at home for another 3 years.


Who is asking you?

While we are frolicking in the pool, the Moon is secretly frolicking at my place, she has not yet revealed to us that she is there

Positive test and surpriseeeeeee

The one from above decided to get his fingers involved, who says that if you already wanted three children, it is best to do it now when there is a pandemic and there will be no school. So there won’t be any work for me.


And so one morning I decided that when I left Lara at kindergarten, I would buy a pregnancy test and take it. Although at that time I somehow already felt that I was pregnant. Female intuition, what are you going to do?

Nemanja drove his mom to the hospital that morning, she was supposed to have an intervention.


I come home, take the test, I didn’t even blink another line appeared. A slight shock, then tears, a sea of tears. Sobbing. Now I would gladly slap myself, but well…



And that’s how we get a positive test, and if the majority of those tested then were positive for corona, we were positive, but for the baby.

I call Nemanja, I tell him through tears that I am pregnant and that he should not tell his mother, that he should not shock his wife now that she is going to have an operation.


I call my mom on a video call and cry, dear God, she was very scared, it’s funny to me now, I’m laughing as I type this, but then… she scolded me, of course. Dad even more so. They patched me up for crying, I should be happy. Dad told me that someone has been struggling for years for offspring, and now I’m whining. And what you look at is right.


The only support we had at that time was from the two of them.


Everyone else was like we’re not normal because these two are too small for us. Which made my condition at the time even worse when I hear.


Not to mention at the health center what kind of comments I listened to and looked at when they heard that I have two small children at home, God save you.

But at that time I was also in a state of disarray in my head, so I did not know how to answer in the right way and put them in the right place.

Going to the controls

And here she was still hiding

I was just about to make an annual appointment with my doctor when he switched to maternity.

I call nothing, I make an appointment, I leave, only this time because of the current situation, Nemanja cannot come in with me.

  Let’s do everything necessary and while the doctor was working with the UZ he said, I will quote, words that I will never, ever forget as long as I live: „WHEN THIS BABY DECIDED TO BE THERE, LET’S GIVE HER SUPPORT…“ then nothing more heard, there was no need, it was what I needed to hear. The right words at the right time. I don’t think even the doctor was aware of what he did to my psyche at that moment. In my case, my gynecologist is also a psychologist, 2 in 1.

I received such a „slap“ of reality that I will never forget. And I needed you too.

I went regularly and normally for check-ups, just without an escort.

Which was in my favor because when I found out the gender, I told Nemanja in a very interesting way. I will write about that as well.

I found out my gender, if my memory serves me well, around the age of 14-15. Sunday.


The only „problem“ that occurred is the same as in the previous two pregnancies, the excess of amniotic fluid. I wrote about the lady in question.


I also did the glucose load, oh god it’s disgusting. I drank 3dl to my heart’s content and it barely passed through my throat.


I also did the TORCH test, because of the placenta, it didn’t thicken properly at the very beginning, so the doctor wanted to see if there was a need for any therapy. However, everything was in the best order.


Otherwise, I drank Pre Mama Duo, Aleract and Utrogestan throughout my pregnancy (all for the sake of supporting the baby) because the doctor knew that I had two little ones at home and he himself said that it was banal that he asked me not to hold them in my arms or run after them. but to reduce it, and this will help.


Every month, I drew blood and checked the urine, to make sure there was no inflammation.

I didn’t do a prenatal test, the doctor didn’t even ask me to. I only did the double test (though to be honest, I don’t believe in it, it’s a simple statistic based on age and lifestyle). I trusted the doctor and his ultrasound the most because every time he was so detailed that I had no need to worry.


I had a doctor in whom I had complete confidence.


I went to the state doctor only for papers and remittances for maternity leave. Because I had no intention of giving birth in Smederevska Palanka, and they did not want to give me a referral to the maternity hospital in Belgrade.


Maybe now someone will say that I am spoiled, one way or another, but I simply wanted her to have normal conditions during childbirth. Which I definitely wouldn’t have here.

But about childbirth in the next post…

The least I thought about was pregnancy, which is also indicated by the fact that Leo sleeps on my stomach

Pregnancy flow

Since I already have two little ones. Lara just started kindergarten and Leo who just walked, it’s clear that I didn’t have time to pay attention to the course of the pregnancy itself. As is the case with the first one.

In the first pregnancy, you only expect something, you monitor this symptom, every week.

In the second, it got less and less, and in the third… Well, in the third, I didn’t even know when I got pregnant, let alone what else.


Lucky for me, I didn’t feel nauseous.


And the luck took place in an orderly manner considering the situation in the whole world and the limitations of everything..

We live in the countryside, so our movement was not limited, I even had him with Lara and Lev more than in the previous two.


As the due date approached, i.e. as I entered the 9th month, everyone predicted that I would give birth. Because it was the third child, the second birth was close, it’s good that I made it to the 9th month.

I am the only one who claims that I will make it to the deadline.

CTG examinations

The first CTG. Don't ask where this L in the photo came from, I don't know either... Roadside sign.

16.04.2021. First CTG calm, no contractions, nothing. I feel great. UZ is fine, everything is fine with the baby, I went home.


27.04.2021. Second CTG also calm, no contractions. I go to the doctor, he asks me how I am and so that we can give birth, my stomach dropped.


Me: „We could, but we won’t.“ I’ll do it after Easter (and Easter is May 2nd), that’s how I decided, I want to prepare presents for the children and hide the eggs, and only then.“


Dr: „So you’ll be home for Easter.“


Me: „I will, but with 2 children and a third in my belly, I don’t plan to give birth yet.“


A sitting man looks at the blood results and laughs, says: „You really decided not to give birth“


Me: „Solved.“


Dr: „And what if you’re open?“


Me: „I’m not open.“


Dr: „You didn’t?“


Me: „I’m not, I’m not.“


Dr. „Are you sure?“


Me: „100%“


Dr: „Okay, let’s see.“


He examines me and smiles, but remains silent. He does the ultrasound and tells his sister; Closed, she has no intention of coming soon. „


Me: „Did I say it nicely?“


Nothing.. He told me to go home and that if something happened to call him, and if not to see you after Easter when I was so stuck.


May 4, 2021. Third CTG also calm, no contractions. I already knew that this little girl had no intention of going out, but that we would meet in a few days. So it would.

I go to see the doctor and he says: „Hey, Miloradovićka, we’re giving birth on Sunday, Easter is over“, I say that it’s okay now, no problem. And again he tells me if something starts early to call him, and if not to see you on Sunday morning to see me and meet my third lucky guy.

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